Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Japan’s Cherry Blossom Trees Are Blooming 6 Months Ahead Of Time!

Cherry Blossom (Image Courtesy : Shutterstock)

Japan is a country that has so much to offer and learn from. The country and its people are recognised and appreciated for their manners, food, art, culture, flora, fauna and lots more! One of the many attractions is the blooming of the Cherry Blossom trees. Travellers and tourists from all over the world specifically go to Japan during the spring, from late March onwards, to witness this extraordinary phenomenon. It’s still October but in the land of the rising sun, this time the spring has already sprung!

Cherry Blossom (Image Courtesy : Shutterstock)

Cherry Blossoms usually begin to bud at the start of spring. But reports from earlier this month tell us that more than 350 Yoshino cherry trees have already begun to bloom! This is a rare phenomenon and has occurred due to irregular weather and typhoons.

A hormone released by the cherry trees’ leaves stops their growth until spring. But, this year due to the strong winds and the salt water carried by the typhoons, the leaves detached and fell off trees. This cut the hormone supply from the leaves, which then allowed the budding six months ahead of their schedule! Some meteorologists also feel the rise in temperature has added to the early blooming.

Cherry Blossom (Image Courtesy : Shutterstock)

Every day we hear about nature changing its course and route. We need to be more responsible for our environment and preserve it in its best form. Or, it will all be too messed up and unexpected!

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